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New Album “день дурака” Released May 1

BERKELEY, CA (SATURDAY, APRIL 1, 2017) – Los Angeles artists DENGUE FEVER announced today their next full length album will be titled день дурака and will be released May 1.  Always pushing the boundaries of genre and “world” music, the album is the first from the band to be sung entirely in Russian.  “Russian music has so much power, so much authority in its voice, we just wanted to try to capture a little of that for ourselves,” said a representative for the band.

Asked if the album had been recorded in Russia, DENGUE FEVER denied ever having met Russia, but said they had respect for Russia as a musical force.  Several photographs and recordings show the band has toured in Russia three times, but they deny it and say the concept was all their own.  “We’ve heard reports and criticism that we had help with this album, that Russia influenced the recording process, but no one in the band has ever met Russia.  Russia was at a show we did once, and they were in the green room with us, they were very nice, but we never met them.”  Nimol learned Russian on her own, using books, language CDs, and “… my very big brain.”

The album has a sort of back-to-basics approach, with band members learning their traditional Russian instruments as they record the album, which give the songs a raw, unpolished sound.  “We’ve learned it’s best not to overthink experience and qualifications.  Just because we have no idea how to play these instruments or what they mean to Russian culture, there is a value in learning on the job.  Besides, we play the best music.  Even if we mess things up royally – it’s not like we’re handling the nuclear codes or something.”

The album also features guest appearances by family members of the band, who had no previous experience playing music.  “Our fans always tell us at our rallies concerts that they are tired of the way mainstream music runs, and they feel left out by the Beyonces of the world.  So what we’re going for is a deconstruction of the music state.  Our public relations agent produced the album, and let us tell you – that guy HATES the music industry.”

The album’s 12 tracks focus on themes of loyalty, obedience, and the opening number has a strong message about technology in today’s world:


1. Предвыборная агитация
2. Какое расследование?
3. Грустный защитник окружающей среды
4. Баллада о EPA
5. посмотри туда
6. Не задавай вопросов
7. Песня кумовства
8. военная машина
9. KFC теперь продает медицинскую страховку
10. Эта земля – моя земля
11. Нефть Нефть Нефть Нефть
12. It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)


день дурака will be released digitally and as a deluxe luxury vinyl set, using 100% Russian petroleum-based vinyl packaged in Mongolian Fur.




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