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Over the years of travel and performing, we have been fortunate to meet people and groups who are making the world a better place.  It has been our honor to watch as they nurture the next generation, and attempt to preserve the wonderful Earth that we all share.  And, it has been our privilege to be able to support these organizations with whatever means available.  If you are looking for good in the world, check out the links below.

Asia Foundation

Starting in September 2015, Dengue Fever will partner with The Asia Foundation to help raise money for Books For Asia.

Books for Asia is creating a collection of Khmer-language ebooks for children that will be loaded onto tablets and installed in 5 schools and 2 mobile libraries in rural Cambodia. The aim of the project is to provide colorful, engaging children’s books to students who would not normally have access to them. They are working with Cambodian publishers, authors, and education organizations to make this a sustainable solution that will benefit children for many years to come.  Since 1955, Books for Asia has donated more than 900,000 books to schools, universities, and NGOs in Cambodia.

The Asia Foundation

Cambodian Children’s Fund

In 2012, we met Scott Neeson, who runs Cambodian Children's Fund out of the Stung Meanchey garbage dump outside Phnom Penh.

Founded in 2004, Cambodian Children’s Fund provides life-changing education, nourishment and healing to vulnerable children from some of Cambodia’s most destitute communities. In the beginning, their world revolved around the health and well-being of 87 youngsters. Today they care for more than 2,000 students and 10,000 people annually after extending our services to provide to entire families and communities in crisis.

Cambodian Children's Fund

Cambodian Living Arts

Cambodian Living Arts (CLA) is a Cambodia-based non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate the transformation of Cambodia through the arts. We do this by building the capacity of artists and the arts community, by promoting awareness of the arts, and by advocating for the arts with cultural policymakers and major institutions. To learn more about our programs and exiting projects, watch the presentation video and visit us at And spread the word!

Cambodian Living Arts

Epic Arts

As part of our 2011 tour through Cambodia, we stopped in Kampot and performed at Epic Arts' fully accessible Art Centre.  Before we played, the Epic Arts students performed for us, and it was one of the most amazing performances any of us have ever seen.  Epic Arts advocates for disability rights in Cambodia, and they lead by example.  The talent and creativity we saw was off the charts, and their social enterprise is astounding, just visit the Epic Arts Cafe in Kampot or witness the Epic Encounters dance company performing throughout Southeast Asia.  We encourage you to learn more.

Epic Arts Cambodia

Free the Bears Fund


Asian bears are regularly trapped, caged and tortured as they are milked for their bile, which is used in some traditional medicines.  Free the Bears works to prevent this type of bear farming through direct action, education, and rehabilitation.  We have twice visited the Cambodian Bear Sanctuary at the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre. This is now the world’s largest sanctuary for Sun bears and has educated hundreds of thousands of Cambodians about the threats facing their wild bear populations.

Free the Bears Fund

Green Gecko Project

green geckoThe Green Gecko Project supports over 70 children who previously lived and begged on the streets of Siem Reap, Cambodia.  Green Gecko provides security, education, love and opportunities to these children through their formative years and into their adult lives, empowering them to achieve their full potential.  The project also supports the children's families and the broader community through long term health, education and training initiatives.

Green Gecko Project

TOMS One for One

In September 2012, Nimol, Paul and Zac traveled with TOMS to Cambodia to help fulfill their One-for-One mission in Cambodia, delivering free shoes and providing free eye exams and surgeries in Siem Reap, Battambang, and Phnom Penh. TOMS' giving program has been running and growing successfully for eight years now, and thank goodness, it shows no signs of letting up.

TOMS One for One

Twenty Wonder

Founder Jim Hodson’s experiences with his son Henry, a child with trisomy twenty-one (Down Syndrome), inspired him to turn his annual Superball party into a public charity he dubbed TwentyWonder. The first TwentyWonder was held in Culver City and featured many of the same Los Angeles luminaries and undergroundaries who had participated in Superball. Unlike most summer festivals, all of TwentyWonder’s performers donated their time, allowing all the proceeds to go to our beneficiary, the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles (DSALA). That tradition of asking all contributors to donate their performances continues to distinguish TwentyWonder.

Twenty Wonder

World Wildlife Alliance

The basic tenet of World Wildlife Alliance is to work directly with habitats and communities to protect, preserve, and provide. Wildlife Alliance’s focus is on direct action on the ground and direct access to the people actually performing the everyday tasks, instead of training a few teachers to go into communities to convey our ideas.

Since Wildlife Alliance began its life in 1994 as the Global Survival Network, the organization has worked with local governments, communities, and other non-governmental organizations to implement cutting-edge conservation programs in Southeast Asia, Russia, South America, and the Western Pacific. These programs aim to protect the rainforest, preserve the watershed, and stop the illegal wildlife trade through direct action on the ground.

World Wildlife Alliance

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)


A wide reaching and well known organization, the World Wildlife Fund began with the Morges Manifesto, signed in 1961 by 16 of the world’s leading conservationists, including biologist and African wildlife enthusiast Sir Julian Huxley, IUCN vice president Sir Peter Scott and director-general of the British Nature Conservancy E. M. Nicholson. The Morges Manifesto stated that while the expertise to protect the world environment existed, the financial support to achieve this protection did not. The decision was made to establish World Wildlife Fund as an international fundraising organization to work in collaboration with existing conservation groups and bring substantial financial support to the conservation movement on a worldwide scale.

World Wildlife Fund

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