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For Your Consideration

For Your Consideration

"Best Alternative Music Album"

thedeepestlake-printDear Friends in the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences,

Since forming in 2001, Cambodian born singer Chhom Nimol and her American band - Ethan, Zac, David, Paul and Senon - have produced a unique blend of Cambodian/American psych, African grooves, jazz, surf, latin, and Southeast Asian traditional music. 

This year, our band released our latest full-length record, and the first on our own label, TUK TUK Records, to some very kind reviews.  We are extremely proud of the fact that we recorded, produced, manufactured, promoted, and distributed The Deepest Lake on our own with the love and support of our friends and family.  It is with this same love and support that we are submitting The Deepest Lake for a Grammy Nomination.

Dengue Fever has released six full length albums, several EPs and 7" records, a documentary DVD, and toured extensively through the U.S., Europe and Asia playing headline dates and festivals alike.  This September, we're heading out for a 32 date world tour that starts in Stroud, Oklahoma and ends in Lund, Sweden via Chicago, London, Barcelona, Istanbul and Moscow.

We'd like you to consider The Deepest Lake for the "Best Alternative Music Album" category when the ballots are sent on October 14.  As you may know, the Alternative Music category only has one voting round, so the top 5 albums on this ballot receive the nomination.  Even if you do not normally participate, your vote will make a huge difference for us.  If you have not heard the album yet, scroll to the bottom to stream or download.  

Thanks and Love, the Dengue Fever family

#1 World Music Album
- Billboard Charts, February 14-21, 2015

"There are moments on this latest Dengue Fever record that’ll make you forget rock n’ roll was ever anything but really fucking cool."
- Culture Collide

[fac_icon icon="star"][fac_icon icon="star"][fac_icon icon="star"][fac_icon icon="star"]
- Mojo Magazine

"It’s their best album yet."
- RUST Magazine

[fac_icon icon="star"][fac_icon icon="star"][fac_icon icon="star"][fac_icon icon="star"]
- Record Collector Magazine

"...a rich, fully realized work."
- Boston Globe

[fac_icon icon="star"][fac_icon icon="star"][fac_icon icon="star"][fac_icon icon="star"]
- Shindig! Magazine

"More than just good fun, this music has power."
- Banning Eyre, NPR

"...the most promising band of 2015."
- Glide

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