Dengue Fever Music

In the Ley Lines Featurette

In 2009, Real World Records approached Dengue Fever to record an albums worth of material for the high-end audio manufacturer Bowers and Wilkins’ music subscription service “Society of Sound”. The band recorded “The Province” for the first time, four newly arranged tracks of previously released material, and five tracks recorded live at Real World Studios in front of a live audience, introduced from the stage by Peter Gabriel.

In the Ley Lines gives fans a chance to hear DENGUE FEVER like never before. The quality of the recordings is cleaner, crisper, and contains the only studio version of “Doo Wop (Today I Learnt to Drink)”, plus live versions of fan favorites “Sober Driver”, “New Years Eve”, and a rocking six-and-a-half minute live performance of “One Thousand Tears of a Tarantula.”

Also included: “Mr. Orange”, “Tiger Phone Card”, “The Province”, “Hold My Hips”, “Seeing Hands”, and “Pow Pow”. The band is releasing In the Ley Lines commercially for the first time under their new TUK TUK Records label. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY.

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