Dengue Fever Music

Making of Girl From the North

On December 3, 2013, critically acclaimed band DENGUE FEVER will release the first batch of new music on their homegrown TUK TUK Records label. “Girl From the North” features three brand new tracks, including the first single, “Taxi Dancer”.

This behind-the-scenes look features interviews live footage from the writing process in both Cambodia and their Los Angeles studio, as well as conversations about their evolving sound and the challenges and benefits of working in both English and Khmer.

“We’re doing an EP this time around,” drummer Paul Smith explains, “we feel like its a format that gives us room to play and think of songs in smaller chunks.”

Have a listen and and see why DENGUE FEVER’s music has transcended cultural, language, and musical borders to be featured across the world on stage, in movies, and now, in your very own hands.

“The Making of GIRL FROM THE NORTH” Produced by DENGUE FEVER and Marc Walker. Edited by Marc Walker. Additional footage provided by Mat Gonzo.

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