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Rom Say Sok Official Music Video

“Rom Say Sok” is the second featured music video from DENGUE FEVER’s latest release, THE DEEPEST LAKE, and features fully harmonized vocals from Zac & Nimol.

The song tells the tale of a legendary Khmer woman, who was teased about her very long, magical hair. When her enemies sent torrential rains and a giant alligator to destroy her, she used her hair to dry up all of the water and kill the alligator.

It’s also about another magical contemporary Khmer woman, a friend of ours in Cambodia who was teased as a child for her unique and wild hair, but who has risen above all of that to become a very talented artist and a lovely human being.

Directed by:
Senon Gaius Williams

Tabbert Filler
Yamit Shimonovitz
Marc Walker


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