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Entire Back Catalog Coming to 8 Track!


Remember that crazy little thing called 8-track? Well, Dengue Fever has just announced that they are reissuing their entire back catalog on 8-track tapes via TUK TUK Records!

All 8 major Dengue Fever titles will be available starting April 2 as an exclusive box set for $249.  “We just really wanted to do something unique” said someone in the band.  The box set is available for preorder HERE.

According to the site 8-Track Heaven, the 8-track tape is mostly dead–but not totally. The site says major labels quit producing 8-track tapes in about 1988, but “a number of entrepreneurial souls have kept the 8-track tradition alive in the form of small production runs of independently released carts.”  Anybody still own an 8-track tape player or have fond memories of using one?


Too cool for 8 tracks?  Don’t worry, we’ve got vinyl and cassettes too.


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