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Meet Yukicito

Yukicito © Farah Sosa
Yukicito © Farah Sosa

Have you heard Yukicito’s remix of “Ghost Voice” off the Tokay digital single yet?

Yukicito is a multi-talented DJ, producer, and musician whose “fresco tracks” are known to keep bodies moving across LA’s global music scene. A native of Osaka, Japan, Yukicito crosses borders and genres with rich mixes that range from Classic Soul to Samba, from Cumbia to Bhangra, from Afro-Funk to Japanese Minyo, and all the luscious grooves that fall in between. His style is highly influenced by world travel, giving him access to the authentic sounds of native musicians while expanding his skills as a multi-instrumentalist. Each “Yukicito Remix” blends traditional sounds with a modern twist and draws inspiration from artists such as Buyepongo, Quetzal Guerrero, Ethio-Cali, Dengue Fever and Jungle Fire. Also known for his skills as a dancer, Yukicito knows how to keep the crowd moving, and his remixes get people dancing weekly at some of LA’s hottest spots.


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